Drag & Drop type interaction using Studio 09?


Wondering if anyone has any tips for creating a "Drag & Drop" type interaction in Studio 09?  I read with envy the tutorials on this for Storyline, but I don't have the luxury of having that product...

I just need something simple, like "drag tool A to the correct spot on image B", there are right and wrong spots, and I'd like to be able to explain why they're right/wrong after the user has decided where to put the tool.

If anyone can point me along a path to achieve this scenario, I'd be really grateful.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jo,

The freeform drag and drop interactions are not available as a part of Studio 09, although Quizmaker 09 does have some drag and drops such as the matching drag and drop. Have you looked into Studio '13, as there are some great Upgrade deals available there, and you can connect with our Sales Support to determine what might be best for you.  

Jo Morrissey

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your reply, but as an independent 'one-man-band' I have absolutely zero budget for upgrading, so need to work with what I've got!

I might try to do something fancy with hotspots on an image - I think that's probably my only option... If you could point me to some good examples, demos or templates for hotspots, I'd love some inspiration...

Thanks again,