Drop which file onto the USB?

Hi there.  I'm sharing a Presenter file via a USB and I've read that I'm to put the 'published output' onto the USB and have the client click "launch_presentation".  But after publishing, what appears is the .ppta file and that merely opens the regular editing window.  If I create a zip file of the presentation (one of the options upon publishing) then within that file there is a "launch_presentation" file, but the  instructions I've read on the matter don't mention creating a zip file (simply refers to "published output").  So to share on a USB (with a learner, not a developer), should I drop the entire zip file onto the USB?  Or is it the .ppta that I should share?   Thanks.

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Ali Goulet

Hey Kit,

Hmm, that's odd! When you use the option Publish for CD what happens when you click Open in the published successful window? Are you able to see the whole published output? Check out this gif of what I'm describing:


That's the entire output that you'll want to share on the USB, and the user can double click that Launch_Presentation file to open the course. 

Sharing the zip is always a great idea too, as it reduces any risk of file corruptions. The user would then want to copy the zip to their local drive before extracting it and double clicking the Launch_Presentation file.

Let me know if you're seeing something different!