Elapsed time not showing in Studio 13 seekbar

Jan 17, 2014


The seekbar in '09 shows the time elapsed and remaining  (not the same as the total module time displayed at the top of the slide).  Studio '13 does not display any time in the seekbar. Can that be added with some option setting? 

Thank you!

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Mario and welcome to the forum. You can turn the elapsed/total time off by going up to Player and selecting the first tab (Features). See below. By default, it appears on top left by the title. You could probably customize the player and move it down, but there doesn't appear to be a simple setting to allow you do that. Of course, there are custom Studio skins available by third parties. Does this help? --Daniel

Mario Cruz

Thank you, Daniel... My question was related to the elapsed time in the Seekbar at the bottom of the screen though, not the one at the top of the page. The one at the top is the timing for the entire module. In Studio '09 there was also the time displayed in the Seekbar, and that reflected that particular slide only. It was very helpful, fr instance, when employees send an issue, they typically send a screen shot, or reference something like "In slide 5, at the 1'30" mark..." but without that time display there, it is more difficult to pinpoint where an issue may be within the slide...Does that clarify?

Daniel Brigham

Thanks, Mario. Now, I better understand. I've been poking around and don't see a simple setting that would show elapsed/total time per slide. Of course, if the learner had the seekbar enabled when they paused the slide and took a screenshot, it wouldn't be hard to find that specific spot.

I'm sure some guru has created a timer to use on a Studio slide. In fact, I had a client build something similar a few years ago, but they built it in Flash, I believe. If this is really important to you (and I am correct in that there's no easy setting for this), I'd reach out to Articulate gurus Kevin Thorn or Steve Flowers or Phil Mayor. A google search should bring you to them.

You could also search companies such as elearning brothers who build custom Articulate templates. And of course, you can also submit a request to Articulate. --Daniel

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