Emailing published file for review

I have a short course that i need to send to the SME for review.  I have published the course to Web and then clicked the email option.  It very nicely zipped the file and created instructions for opening it on the receiving end.  This person does not have Articulate on their computer.

When the receiver follows the steps to open the course, they get a blank screen.  I have even tried by send the email to myself and following the steps and I get a blank screen as well, no error messages.    I have checked pop ups and security setting for my internet as well as made sure my flash is current.

We don't have the option of using something like dropbox.  Any suggestions on how to get them to review the content other than as a word document?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Karyn,

I believe the issue is that the person you're sending it to is viewing the content locally. If you view a published Presenter '09 presentation on your local hard drive or send it to someone else to view on their local hard drive, you'll encounter security restrictions from the computer, web browser, Flash Player, and network that'll cause various features of your content to fail.

To properly test your published content and share it with others, upload it to the environment for which it was published. Please review the following article for details:
Having said all that, if the person needs to view the content locally, you could try publishing for CD and emailing it to them. They'll need to run the EXE file discussed in the article above to view the course properly.
Let me know how it turns out.
Karyn Aberts


I am having some troubles publishing and then zipping the files.  I published to CD and then try zipping the files, but it seems to freeze up the program and I have to force it to shut down.  Should I not try zipping when using the publish to CD option?  I was hoping to be able to send them via email but if not, I can burn to a CD or put on a flash drive.



Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Karyn!

Are you attempting to manually zip the files? Or are you using the feature from Presenter to zip them?

When you finish publishing to CD, you should be able to select "Zip" from the prompt that displays after successfully publishing. 

Try to make sure this is the method you're using to zip the files, if you try to manually zip them (by using a third party program, or by navigating to the output file itself) you may run into some problems. 

Also, make sure that the published output is still on your local drive at this point, since the files being compressed will be "called on" by the software to compress them. If they've been moved to an external source, this may cause the lock ups, or crashes. 

Let me know if you're able to get this working.

I hope you had a great weekend!


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Theressia!

Are you experiencing this error from the E-mail option on the publish successful dialog box?

If this is something that you need to e-mail, I would advise the publish to CD option as shown here and zip the content to attach to an e-mail since it seems that you do not have your e-mail tied to Office. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Theressia! It is something that your IT team is going to have to assist with as the issue lies with communication of Outlook and indicates that it is not set up.

Not sure if someone in the community would be able to assist with that.

I just tested on my system and my e-mail functionality works as expected. In the meantime, you could use the zip suggestion that I shared above.