Embedded video

Is it possible to embed a short video at the bottom of a slide and have it fade from the slide at completion? Ideally, I'd like the video to use a fade effect to exit.  I'd like to use short videos to engage the student, preparing them for the body content, but I don't want the video area to be visible after completion.

Any thoughts about how to this in Presenter 09?


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Peter Anderson

Hey Patrick!

It might not be easy nor exactly what you're hoping for, but I think you could pull off a similar effect with a little bit of work. First, insert the video and sync it to the slide with the slide set to auto-advance to the next slide at the end of the video. The next slide could be a duplicate slide containing the same elements of the previous slide, except rather than the actual video, it would contain a faded-out screenshot of the last scene of the video from the previous slide. Then repeat the process for however many videos you have.

Not sure how great that would look, or if the continuity might get lost with slower connections, but it might be worth a shot...

Good luck!