Engage interactions not updating on publish/Losing Audio

Feb 12, 2013


I am having a terrible time working with a Presenter file. I have a course that is 238 slides long. I have updated many of the Engage interactions, however, when I publish to Articulate Online, the updates do not show up. I have the box checked that indicated Engage interactions will be updated and I see something that says they are being updated when I publish, however, nothing new shows up. This happens when I publish to Articulate Online AND when I publish for web. Additionally, I constantly seem to be losing the audio files for this course. I revert back to the previous version of the Presenter file and they come back, but I don't trust that they will remain. A number of things I do seems to result in losing the audio including: Using the preview feature, using the audio editor, however, it seems to "break" randomly for no apparent reason as well. I have spent the entire afternoon troubleshooting this very frustrating problem to no avail. I have a client anxious to see her revised interactions. I have difficulty believing such a popular program could be as unstable as it seems. Has this happened to anyone else? What ideas do you have for fixing it. BTW -- I reinstalled Articulate and repaired PowerPoint. I also updated my Java based on various recommendations I read here. Also, my PowerPoint Add Ins are all turned on properly. I appreciate your advice. Thanks!

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Laurie!

And really sorry to hear of the trouble you're running into. I think we can help

If you've published an Engage interaction into your Presenter presentation, and then you made a change to the interaction that isn't reflected in your published presentation, it's likely that you need to update your Presentation Options. Here's how. 

As for the missing audio, take a peek at this article for the most common reasons and solutions.

Also, be sure that your presentation is located on your local hard drive (your C: drive). Working on a network drive or a USB (external) drive can cause erratic behavior, including loss of resources.
Let us know if that helps...
Welcome again!
Laurie Michaud

Hi Peter, 
Thanks for getting back to me. I had actually found those helpful articles before posting. My presentation options are set correctly. My add ins are active. The article about the audio may have shed some light. It says something about having multiple files. Obviously, I have one PowerPoint that contains my course content. I was just trying to update a few interactions and when I looked in my folder, it looks as if I have FOUR PowerPoint presentations of the same exact name. I am attaching a screenshot. It seems strange. BTW -- yes. My presentation is on my C drive. It wasn't always, though. I have the horrible habit of dumping things on my desktop and working from there. I created an Articulate package and moved it to my C drive thinking it might solve the problem. Nothing changed. Now, looking though my Documents folder, I have more than 100 Articulate presenter files in My Documents (but not in the My Articulate files folder, just "out there" in My Documents. I have never noticed them before. At 128,000 KB each, they are taking up a ton of space. I have a feeling this is completely "not normal." I took a screenshot of these files too. I am going to delete them. They are taking a huge amount of space on my computer and from what I can see, they serve no purpose. I certainly appreciate any advice you can give me! 

Laurie Michaud

Hi Peter, 

Well, I thought the great "clean out" might do the trick, but it did not. Currently, the only Presenter file is the current one. I have moved out all _Old files. Still, the old Engage files published. I tried "re-inserting" an Engage file. I deleted the original slide with the Engage file, added a new slide and inserted the Engage file on it. This seems to work. I have more than 50 interactions in this course, so this will be a tedious, time consuming process. If you have other ideas, I am definitely open to them! Thanks!

Peter Anderson

Hey Laurie

This is a really helpful article on file organization that you may want to take a peek at.

And if you'd like, we'd be happy to take a close look at your project files to see if there's something funny going on. First, create an Articulate Presenter Package of your presentation as described here. Then upload the resulting zip file from your computer on the second page of this form, and we''ll attempt to diagnose what's happening when we receive your upload. Thanks!

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