Erratic mp4 video autoplay in Chrome

Nov 21, 2017

I was just wondering if anyone else had come across this issue with Presenter 13.

I'm using autoplay slide videos synched with screen animations. These are MP4 videos and set to not be compressed on publish.

When previewing the HTML5 version of the published course either locally or from a LMS server, the video successfully autoplays every single time with Internet Explorer, but with Chrome it's sort of 50% of the time. If you refresh or replay the slide when a video hasn't autoplayed, the video on that slide will then always autoplay fine for the rest of the session. Which slides don't play their video seem random (i.e. about a 50-50 chance of video playing without a refresh or navigating away from the slide and coming back again - similar to a refresh, it usually plays if you do this).

Has anyone seen or solved this? Chrome version is 62.0.3202.94 (Official Build) (64-bit)


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Sasha Scott

Hi Alyssa

Thanks - I had actually cut the presentation down to 6 slides or so, so 3 with video (rather than 25 or so with video in the complete presentation). This improved the situation to the point where it was difficult for me to replicate the issue (happening more like 1 in 8 times if I'm clicking around in the side menu) so I understand if you can't replicate at your end.

Strange video behaviour anyway, and only happens in Chrome with the HTML5 version. With HTML4 I would wonder if it was the page focus or something, or how the videos load (do I have too many and they're loading or virus checking or something in the background which is interfering)?

Also I wonder whether it will change when Chrome changes its Autoplay policies next month - so I will have to retest it soon.

Thanks again


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