Error Message when trying to republish to html5

Oct 13, 2020

I am working hard to get all of my screencasts republished to html5 prior to the end of the year, when Adobe Flash will no longer be supported.  I have been successful on most projects, but am now down to about 10 screencasts, that I can not get to republish.  After progressing normally (it appears) I get a pop-up message that says:  "We're sorry.  Something went wrong with Articulate Presenter and it might close," and the republishing projects stops.  This message consistently appears during the process of "cleaning up temporary files."  The one thing that is different about these 10 files, as opposed to the ones that have republished successfully, is that all of these projects contain quizzes.  I don't know if this is contributing to the problem, but it is one of my "suspicions."  I've spent many hours troubleshooting on this issue- including making sure that Articulate Presenter has been updated, but the problem persists.  Does anyone have any ideas for me about what might be preventing these projects from republishing to html5?  Thanks.   

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Katie Riggio

Good morning, Julie!

Thanks for sharing all of those helpful clues, and you're so close to the finish line. Let's get you there!

If the publishing window in Presenter 360 crashes, these initial troubleshooting steps should help:

If we're still stuck, our Support Engineers are happy to help in real-time while you go through the republishing steps. Let us know if you could live chat with us: 

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