Evil bullet points

Interestingly, when I preview or publish my current module the first bullet point in any list disapears - the formatting stays, with it indented to match the rest of the bullet points blow it but the bullet point at the top of the list is gone.

It is there on the slide but not when I preview or publish. I have changed/checked colours, fonts and all manner of things.

Any ideas??

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James Brandwood

Figured it out.

The text box was grouped with another text box (the sub-heading). With the two boxes grouped the first bullet point is not there in previews or publish. Ungroup the boxes and like magic it's there.

Oh and no the sub-heading texts box boundaries were nowhere near the text. It also fixed a formatting problem I was having with a different text box and sub-heading where the line spacing was inconsitent with the real slide formatting.

Is this a known quirk of Presenter?

Melanie Sobie

I have read about this in the forums before. A quick search of previous threads and found this good tip:

"If the first line of text (in the text box) includes a bullet, the bullet will always disappear when you publish. It's an easy fix if you put a return before the bullet, it now is technically the second line of text, and the bullet will appear."

John Egnell

I am experiencing the opposite problem. In PPT my first line is formatted with NO bullet. There is a return after the first line and then the third and subsequent lines are formatted as bullets. Looks fine in PPT but, when I publish, a bullet is ADDED to the first line.

I've had some success by reformatting the text of the first 3 lines, but it works for some slides and not for others. I worked with the Masters but can't seem to isolate the problem to a specific Master.

We recently moved from Office 2007 to Office 2010. This problem never happened before the upgrade. We are making updates to courses that were originally done with PPT 2007. Is there a problem with PPT versions here?  I'm using Articulate 9.

James Brandwood

Hi John

My office also upgraded from '07 to'10 and it caused a bunch of problems to the point where I remade rather than updated (where practicable). In the end I even remade all templates in '10 so I didn't have any link to '07. Most notably hyperlinks will cause you headaches, we couldn't get them to change their link even after deleting slides.

I spent a lot of time trying to update to no avail and would suggest you would save time remaking instead - don't try copy pasting slides either. 

Sorry to be all doom and gloom but this could be a good time to convince your work to purchase Storyline. I've just moved over to it and am happy to be free of PowerPoint.