Exit Button in Articulate studio 13 doesnt work

Hi all,

The exit button doesnt work.When a user clicks 'exit' to close the course , nothing happens.The course still marks as incomplete.

I had changed the configuration js file to 'Always close top' as suggested yet it doesnt work.

What else can i try? My lms is a moodle 1.9 based lms 'Coursestage'.

I thought changing the configuration js file would do the magic but sadly not.

Thanks for your feedback.



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Maurine  Kwende

I have tested on scorm cloud and the exit button works. I tested in IE10, Chrome and Firefox and it works.I noticed on scormcould the course opens in another window.I didnt set it up to launch in another window.Why does it launch in another window in SC?

Why does it work in SC and not lms; both production and staging?

Please help, i might be missing something.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Maurine!

As you can see from our support article here, due to some browser restrictions, another way that we avoid this issue is suggesting that the course launch in a new window.

You conducted the best test possible to understand the behavior of your course and that was the testing in SCORM Cloud. This is pretty standard and helps us identify if issues lie with the course or with an LMS.

What version/update are you currently running of Studio '13? If you're having an issue getting your content to launch in a new window in your LMS, that was corrected in Update 2 and we are currently on Update 3.

Bob Wiker

FYI, the Exit button has never worked when I view a course with Safari on my Mac. When I click Exit nothing happens.

Another interesting Safari-related behavior is that our AICC-based courses running from a SumTotal LMS never show 'Completed' when run from Safari. Bookmarking, resume, and all other functions work, but exiting a course when finished (by closing the browser window) leaves it as Incomplete and In Progress in SumTotal. (It all works OK in IE8(!) which is what our employees use so it's not an issue here.)

Maurine  Kwende

Yesterday our LMS provider (moodle based) said the exit error is not an lms issue but an articulate issue even though I let them know its an lms issue.

Their developper suggested the following:

1. OpenConfiguration.js in the lms folder:


3. Change from:




They suggest those changes be made on each scorm file instead of making the one change on the directory and republish the courses as articulate suggested below:

If itdoesn't work after uploading the course to your LMS, try the following:

  1. Locate theConfiguration.jsin the following directory, depending on your version of Windows:
    • 32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Articulate\Articulate Studio\content\lms
    • 64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Articulate\Articulate Studio\content\lms
  2. Make a copy of theConfiguration.jsfile for backup purposes.
  3. Open theConfiguration.jsfile in a text editor, such as Notepad.
  4. Change this line:var EXIT_BEHAVIOR = SCORM_RECOMMENDED;

  5. Save and closeConfiguration.js.
  6. Republish your course, and upload it to your LMS.

If theExittab still doesn't work, try changing the line in step 4 to:var EXIT_BEHAVIOR = ALWAYS_CLOSE_TOP;

Have you had these suggested instructions before? What are your thoughts?

I wonder why the lms provider is blaming the exit error on articulate .Its easy to pass the bug isnt it?

I would prefer the course opens in the same window but so far, opening in another window seems the solution