extra files when publishing to LMS

I'm trying to publish a one-slide PPT/Presenter file with a Web Object to LMS format. The published folder contains all sorts of extra files, including ALL OF THE FILES IN THE PARENT FOLDER of where my original PPT is. ???? How and why is that even happening? I only discovered this because when I first tried to copy the published docs to our LMS server for hosting, it was like 600MB and was going to take 4 hours to save on the network. !!!! I tried saving my source file in its own folder and publishing into a separate, new folder, but it did the same thing (in this case, all of the extra parent-parent files).

How do I publish this so that it only includes THE ONE FILE I'm publishing with whatever LMS and player files are needed (not other PPTs, PDFS, Word documents and such that have nothing to do with this project)?

Thanks for any insight.

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Brian Batt

Hi Laurel & welcome to Heroes,

When you add a web object to your presentation, it not only grabs the index.html file, but also the files in that same folder and sub-folders.  Thus, I'd recommend removing the web object that's in your presentation & then republishing your file to the web.  Then, close PowerPoint.  This will allow the PPTA file to regenerate itself.  After that, create a new folder on your Desktop that only contains the web object.  Finally, reinsert that web object into your presentation & republish it.