Fillable form in Presenter?

Nov 02, 2011

I am looking for a way to let my learners do some on-screen brainstorming prior to beginning a scenario-based course (for retail salespeople). For this, I'm thinking of a text entry box that the user could write into more than once before deciding to be finished with that slide. Specifically, I ask them to brainstorm some questions they could ask a customer. When they are done with that, they click a Submit button and some idea-generating topics appear, which they can check off if they have already addressed those topics. They then have the chance to go back and add more to their list of questions. The form doesn't have to report back to anywhere, it's just to get them thinking on their own before they have to start choosing from pre-written questions during the scenario. It looks really simple on screen, until I start thinking about how to actually make the slide stop, accept text, stop, display a list, generate Xs when a box is checked, and then accept more text. PowerPoint just might not have the functionality I need, but I wanted to see if anyone had a way in mind that it could work.

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Lee-Ann Williams

Thanks, Brian. There are some helpful things in here that I hadn't looked at yet in terms of making hyperlinks work the way I want them to in Presenter. Unfortunately, the demo only describes interactions where the user has to click on something. I'm looking for a way the user can type text into a box. I need to make the box accept text, preferably more than once during the same slide.

As a separate issue, I want to make "x"s display inside a check box when it is clicked. I'm thinking I might be able to trigger the x to appear using a custom animation trigger, but it would be extra nice if the x would toggle off if clicked a second time, in case the user makes a mistake or changes his mind. I bet I can do something like this in Quizmaker, but I really want this to be on the same page as my fillable text box. Can I combine two quiz types on the same slide? For instance, what if I set up my text box as a short answer question, and my check list as a multiple choce, multiple answer quiz? Is there any way to have both on the same slide? They don't have to report a score, there's no right or wrong answer.

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