Finding anything besides 360 on your website

Jan 27, 2017


I was sending a co-worker of mine to go look at Articulate Studio 13 today, and I told him to just go to and find it from there.   He came back to me shortly thereafter and said "I can't find it.  All I can see is Articulate 360."  So I went and looked for myself, dug around a little bit, and it turned out that the only place where there were any links to either Presenter 13 or Storyline 2, was in the little footer/sitemap area at the very bottom of the page.   I'm not sure if anyone has expressed this concern before, but as a user of both of these products (and not 360,) I find this to be very concerning.  This screams "we don't care about these products" to me.  I, for one, am a bit concerned about the future of both of these products.    I'm not asking for a response, or validation, or anything like that, but I'm concerned.  Sure, 360 deserves to be front-and-center right now, but the level to which your other products are just short of unfindable... to me, this is not a good sign.   Maybe I'm overreacting.

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