First Slide in Presentation -- No Advance on Remote Mouse Click

Sep 18, 2012

I came upon this post when searching for my problem: The poster has the same issue I have.

The issue is that you cannot use the Page Down function (either on the keyboard or on a remote mouse) to move from the first slide in a published presentation to the second slide. Once you do get to the second slide by clicking the mouse on it, the Page Down/Page Up functions do work to move from slide to slide. I have some Articulate presentations that are being used in the classroom and the facilitator wants to use a remote mouse to Page Up and Page Down through the presentation.

Why would the first slide be the exception? It seems the first slide is "frozen" and you can't move from it unless you click the mouse on the second slide. Is there any fix on this issue yet? All of my slides are set to advance By User.

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Rebecca Adler

I did, thanks! The answer is quite simple, it turns out. When you publish the presentation for CD-ROM and double-click the Launch_Presentation.exe file to run it on a local drive, the presentation opens in its own player window. The player window is not automatically activated, meaning that any keystroke you press is not addressed to that window. By clicking on the window to activate it, all subsequent keystrokes are now addressed to the appropriate window. I'm not sure if this same thing applies to a player window that is launching via a browser.

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