Flash videos must be viewed before completing course.

Mar 01, 2012

How can I make it that all videos must be viewed before continuing on with course? As it is now, you can skip the video altogether or start watching the video and then move on to next page. Is there a way to do this? Thanks

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David Anderson

Hi Dan,

How are you inserting your videos? If you set your Player Template to locked, you can prevent the learner from clicking the Next button until the video finishes and the seekbar is at the end. You'll need to insert your videos to Synchronize slide and movie when you import.

Now, the learner can click-drag the seekbar to speed up the video to complete the slide quicker.

To get around learners dragging the seekbar, you could change the slide view to show only the slide and no player controls. You do that by going to Articulate > Slide Properties and modifying the Change View option for the video-specific slides.

David Anderson
Dan Stiles

Thanks for the info. I guess I am confused. I am putting flash videos into my presentation, and there may or may not be quiz questions associated with the video. I need to assure, for regulatory purposes, that the videos are watched and not just skipped by the viewer. Are you saying the only way I can do this is to embed them in a quiz? Thanks for your help.

David Anderson

Hi Dan - you can insert Flash or mp4 videos into Quizmaker using a Blank Slide. Blank slides don't have questions associated with them so they work pretty much like PowerPoint slides.

Now, you can use PowerPoint and Presenter's templates to control how the seekbar and navigation buttons work. 

Demo: Locked navigation with seekbar disabled

In this example, you disable the seekbar controls so learners can't scrub ahead. You also set the navigation to locked.

Demo: Open navigation with slide views changed for video slides & Change View option disabled from template

In this example, you can use default navigation settings, but you use Slide Properties to enable Slide Only view for your video slides. You also need to disable keyboard shortcuts and disable the Change view button so learners can't open the outline menu and skip ahead:

Source: Download both examples

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