Flow charts

May 16, 2014

Hi all!  I need to create an elearning course based on a flow chart but I have never done something like this before.  Does anyone have cool ideas on I can make this work or maybe know of some examples please?

Thank you!

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Jo Morrissey

I have a VERY SIMPLE flowchart drag & drop quiz that was made for some refresher training, if it helps....it's in Quizmaker 13.

(I have removed all the client branding - the original looked slightly more interesting...)  The sequence ended up with an animated ppt showing the full process flow.

Note: I had to play around with the arrows... when I published, they went all strange, pointing every which way. I solved it by grouping the arrow and it's box and inserting them into the slide/quiz as pictures rather than ppt shapes.

Good luck - hope your flowcharts are more interesting than mine!

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