FLV video with player controls - keeps playing after leaving slide

Aug 04, 2011

Here's my challenge: I have a video that needs to go into Presenter, however I want it to have individual player controls (since I am not using any player controls otherwise). To achieve this, I put the video in Captivate to overlay the video player control and publish. Then, insert the resulting .SWF into Presenter. When I publish, the .SWF, .FLV. and player control SWF go into the Data folder. And it works!


The video is on slide of a 4 slide module, with hyperlinked buttons to navigate between the 4 slides. If I leave the slide w/out pausing the video, the audio track keeps playing. If I then go back to slide 3, the video and audio starts playing again, OVER the old audio that is still running.

I know this is outside of 'standard' Presenter functionality... but help!!

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Adam B

Hi Brian - I did try playing around with the web object route at first, however I had some sizing issues I couldn't resolve.

The Captivate project is 640x480, and I set the web object size to the same size - I then end up with both vertical and horizontal scroll bars.

If I size the web object manually to be larger, I end up with a border around the content.

Any help you can provide is appreciated!

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