Folding Paper Animation

Mar 04, 2011

Can anyone suggest a way that I can simulate a folded piece of paper opening to reveal a word? I'm doing a scenario where the secret word is revealed at the end, and in the story, the word is written on a folded piece of paper. I thought it would be nice to simulate that, but alas, my artistic abilities are limited. I've made some pretty funny animations with my attempts though! Any pointers would be appreciated.

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Jeanette Brooks

Yep, it's mainly built with rectangles drawn in PowerPoint, with some shadows and gradients applied to make it look like folded paper. I also edited the points on some of the rectangles to make the corners look not-quite-square.

Couple things about that, though. On slides 2 and 3, I grouped the drawn shapes & text, and saved them as a PNG (you can do that by right-clicking the group, and choosing Save Picture As. Then I re-inserted the PNG onto the slide. This way, since the group is treated by PowerPoint & Presenter as a single image, it fades in more smoothly. Otherwise, the red text seemed to "ghost in" and it didn't look quite right. If you want to check out the actual drawn shapes for slides 2 and 3, or adapt them for your own project, I placed them on an unused slide master. You can go to View > Slide Master and you'll see them there.

Hope that helps! Just let me know if you have questions or need help customizing.

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