FTP Upload Progress Bar Request

Oct 18, 2017

Just curious as to why the FTP Progress bar was removed from the FTP Published Content window from the transition from Presenter '13 to 360?

Of course, only a minor gripe, but I'd like to see the progress.  Some may just think the program is locked up.

Can I get that in as a feature request (or re-introduction)?

Thank you!

Rob Catron

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rob, 

We did a lot of streamlining and simplifying of our user interfaces with the move to Articulate 360. 

With that being said, we're always eager to hear your feedback about what's working, what's not and what we could improve upon!

Feel free to share those  ideas here in the forums and also through our feature request form.  In case you're wondering, here's how we manage all of the ideas we receive!

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