Getting Articulate HTML5 output to work in IE - player.css fixes

Dec 29, 2015


I'm a front end developer. Executing an Articulate project at my current workplace. My gosh, i would never advise anyone to use this disfunctional software. It's outdated and won't work out of the box in IE (only the biggest browser in Enterprise space).

That being said, here are some fixes for following issues:

1. Logo was appearing before loading. (Display disabled by CSS)

We disabled the logo in Player, however it continued to flash before loading. 


Add this code to player.css

.logo_background > .logo_section img { display: none; }


2. Menu and Resources were not expanding in IE. (Fixed).


Add CSS comment to deactivate the code /* */, as shown in bold below. Work in the .toptab class in player.css

/* overflow-x: hidden; */
white-space: nowrap;
text-overflow: ellipsis;

3. Resources container issue. Links were appearing in White.

Add the code in bold to the resources_container a section in player.css

.resources_container a
color: #000000;

player.css is located in "mobile" folder of presenter output folder. These fixes are for making the HTML5 output work in IE 11. Once you have created 1 player.css you can simply overwrite the player.css for any other module with the same file. So you don't need to manually edit each module/course/lesson's output files, but you will need to make a replacement everytime it's published.

What a pain, considering the scale at which this has to happen.

I'm using Update 7.

All the best. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Siddharth,

Thanks for sharing the code here as we're unable to offer support for custom modifications. You mentioned you were having difficulty with the output in Internet Explorer and I'd be curious to know which browser version you're using? Our system requirements and viewing requirements are detailed here and it's also worth noting that we don't currently support HTML5 in Internet Explorer. 

Siddharth Agrawal

Hi Ashley,

Regardless of what you say about system requirements, not supporting the latest version of any of the big 3 browser, is a unanimous FAIL! [😊]

I hope you can realize, that not doing this will make Articulate redundant. You already have a competitor in iSpring [😝]

We will be testing their output soonish.

The browser version i used should not really matter, what matters is the customer and the customer can be on any browser, you can't control that haha


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Siddharth -- Many thanks for your response to Ashley, and as she is currently out of the office, I wanted to stop in to mention that you are welcome to share your thoughts or ideas with our Product Development team using this form if you'd like. 

I also wanted to share, as you appear to have replied via email, that the disclaimer in your signature is now displayed in the thread. So, if that is something you would like to remove from public view in the thread, all you would need to do is click here to go to the thread itself, and hit the EDIT button beneath your post to remove that information. :)

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