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Oct 20, 2011

Is there any way to insert a Glossary Interaction into a course without using a drop down tab at the top if the player -- for example, link it to a glossary icon at the bottom of the screen.?

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Phil Mayor

You could insert a slide at the end of your presentation that is hidden and the slide beofre does not branch to and insert an icon with a hyperlink to that slide

You could insert a hyperlink e.g. glossary/engage.html  and pupblish your engage to web and add the contents to a glossary folder in the root directory of the published folder

You could put a glossary icon at the end of the page and add a hyperlink to fire the glossary on the tab

Finally you could use a custom skin, or even jsut a swf in the logo area

Phil Mayor

Hi Al

sorry a bit pushed yesterday, I put this together for you

Example 1

Thi shows three examples file attached, the links will break for linking to an external glossary just change the \ to / one of the exaple uses a widget from brian houle

Example 2

This is using a custom skin to load a glossary in the player, it really only replicatesb the tab functions

The last option is to go to elearningenhanced and purchase a glossary widget

Hope this helps


Laura Hodgson

Hi Phil - I would like to use Brian's widget to link to my glossary so that it opens as if from within my player, rather than a separate window - do I need to have published the glossary as a tab in my presenter file first? At the moment my glossary is completely standalone, and I have been hyperlinking to it by pasting it into the data folder after publishing.


~Don't worry I have sorted it now! thanks

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