Google Drive: Anyone using it to store & share development files?

Hi everyone,

We've had good success saving our Articulate Studio-related files to shared Dropbox folders to make collaboration easier. We usually keep the files in Dropbox up until it's time to import audio (due to storage issues) -- then we usually pull them onto a local drive to finish up development.

We're considering a move to Google Drive since our institution now supports it.  We're wondering if anyone has used Google Drive for storing development files for collaboration?  If so, any issues we should be aware of? 



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Colin Eagles

I've been using Google Drive to keep Articulate files for a little while now.  The drive already had my google docs/forms in it, so it felt like a natural fit.

The one gap (and this is probably just because I haven't figured it out yet) is that I can't share output on the drive; for that reason Dropbox is still my go-to for Articulate files.

Mike Taylor

Google Drive works great for viewing courses. The two main things you need to do are make sure the sharing setting for the folder containing your course is set to Public and rename the course launch page from story.html or player.html to index.html. 

Here is a quick walk through of how it works

Mike Taylor

It could be the browser you are using. Google Chrome works best and the drag and drop method works by default when using that one. For other browsers you might need to Enable folder upload which is a java applet.

You'll need to enable folder upload in non-Chrome browsers each time you visit your Google Drive.

Francesca Sisto

Hi, Mike.  Thanks for the tip about Chrome.  Yes, I was able to move the folder over to Google drive when I used Chrome.  . 

I followed your instructions and things were going well until I copied the end of the link and added it to  It didn't work, "Error found."   The link  looks like this:


Do you think it has anything to do with the ? at the beginning?