Help: Requiring One Branch Off Before Proceeding to Next Slide

Jul 19, 2012

Hello everyone,

What is the best way to require a viewer to click on at least one branch-off option before being able to proceed to the next slide?  I have a presentation with two hyperlink branch options, but I realized that the user can simply choose the Next Slide button to advance and skip the two options entirely.  

I could require the viewer to see a minimum number of slides, but if the user doesn't realize that one of the branches is required, they will be confused as to why the course wasn't marked complete at the end.  

I want to in essence, hide the advance button until the user has branched to at least one option and returned back to the original slide.

Any help folks can provide would be much appreciated.  


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Hector Martinez

Couple things here, though I think we're on the right track.  I would have to lock navigation on the first screen so that the user would not just skip the options altogether.  And, on the hidden slide I should make the Next button jump to a slide past the two options so that it continues with the rest of the presentation, right?

David Anderson

Hi Hector - 

Do you want on-slide buttons for navigation? Or will learners use the outline menu (left side) and/or the player next and previous buttons? 

If you're only using the next and previous buttons, then yes, you would update the branching for the Next button.

Personally, I would keep the on-screen buttons (Topic 1 and Topic 2) for the hidden slide since that's a more common way to navigate from a slide when the outline menu isn't an option. 

Do you have a mockup or slide with the functionality you're looking for? Even though this is a little outside of what Presenter offers, I think we can get you close enough to what you're trying to do.

Hector Martinez

David, thanks so much for your help.  I think it's a good idea to provide on screen buttons for the branch off slides so that users can navigate back to the beginning of the branch (since these slides are hidden from the outline).  I do plan on using the standard outline menu, but I normally lock navigation so viewers cannot proceed until they have seen the previous content.  I don't have a sample ready at the moment as other projects have taken priority, but I'll be sure to post it here once I get close to finishing it up, as I would appreciate everyone's feedback.

Hector Martinez

Hector Martinez said:

Would there be any reason why an object that links further down the slides works in PowerPoint, but not on Articulate?  It seems to be on my specific presentation as the demo slides you provided here work fine in Articulate preview mode.

Nevermind, I realized you have to Preview All for appropriate branching to work on Articulate.

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