How can I close the course player when the course is over?

I'm working on a course another designer sent me.

The "course" has no quiz. They just want thier user community to view the presentation and be counted by our LMS. When the user complete the last slide how do I auto close the presentation window to return to the LMS menu system?

We are using Articulate 5.2.131.


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Colleen Brunner

Sometimes I've found it helpful to add a text box at the conclusion of the last slide, saying something like

"Thanks for viewing - it's okay to close your browser window now."

Just so everyone's clear on the fact that this is the end of the presentation.

Or you could instead direct them to use the Exit tab on your player interface, if you've enabled that on your template. (To enable it, go to Player Templates > Layout > mark the "Exit Tab" box)