How can I have one audio track across multiple slides?

Hello all,

Is there a way I can have one audio track across several slides in the middle of a presentation?  How would you let the end user know to click next or do I need to advance the slide automatically?  If I advance the slide through slide properties, is there a way to lock the navigation so they can't manually advance?

Sorry for the multi question post.....I just want to ensure this is set up properly.

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Dave Newgass

Thanks Justin,

So if I understand this....I would import 'the big audio file' into the first slide I want the audio to begin, then use the Articulate Audio Editor to manipulate from there?  i have never used that before....are there any SCREENRs or blog posts for tips/tricks for this?



Jessica Calvin

Hi Justin,

I had a question on this. I have uploaded the audio to the first slide. When I go into the Audio editor, it does not show me the other slides and give me the option line them up with the Audio. Is this a new feature and maybe I have an outdated version of the application? Any thoughts? I appreciate your help!



Peter Anderson

Hey Jessica!

My first question is, are you using Presenter or Storyline? Justin's technique will work for Presenter, whereas there's no similar method for Storyline. 

If you are hoping to get audio across multiple slides in Storyline, David Fair posted a really cool workaround that may work for you. Check it out