How do I add the downloaded templates to PPT

I've downloaded some of the PPT templates in the downloads, e-learning, ppt area.  Once the zip is extracted, I'm left with directories that contain images, masterslides, pptx etc.  How do I add to PPT?  I can't just add the one masterslide to my ppt can I?  It seems that PPT to add a new template wants a single file as it's source and I'm not sure which one to point to?

need help.


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jen,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Is there a specific template you're downloading? If you could share the link, I'd be happy to tell you which specific file in that pack needs to be opened. 

However, if you're downloading something like Simple Tabs Interaction, you'll only see one file. You'll be able to open the .PPTX that contains the layouts, content and slides. From here, you can add your content to the slides.

If you're wanting to add this to an existing course, you can import a slide or slides from the template file. At that point, you could copy and paste the content from the slide into your Master. 


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jen,

Ahhh, yes - I love that template :)

You're correct, there are different files provided in this example. 

The different PowerPoint files contain different layouts. Basically, what you'll want to do, is find a layout in this collection that works for you. Once you've decided on one, you can start adding content to the PowerPoint file. 

I'd recommend using PowerPoint's "Save As" feature before adding content. This way, you won't make any changes to the actual template itself and you can start from the beginning if you decide to use it in the future. 

You can use the same method I mentioned earlier, reusing slides, to import one of these layouts to an existing PowerPoint file. 

Let me know if you have any questions!