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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Jack,

Could you provide a little more information on what you mean by "levels"? Are you referring to something similar to Storyline's layers, or maybe you're wanting to use master slides?

If you could provide a little more detail, we might be able to share some suggestions.


Jack Hendry

Hi Christine,

When I say 'levels' I mean the levels in the player's menu. Where you have sections and subsections of your presentation. I know how to create these in articulate but I wondered if there was a way of creating them in powerpoint so that when you publish using articulate the sections are already there from the powerpoint.

Hopefully my question is more clear now!

Thank you!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jack,

Ahhh-hah! That makes it much easier to understand - thank you very much for the clarification. :)

Not in PowerPoint itself, as far as I know - that's mainly because those levels are handled by the menu and the player, if that's where you'd like to show them. 

If you're going to create multiple projects with the same menu/level structure, you could create what I like to call a "Master Project" file. I like to set everything up the way I like it, then save it. Even creating a Presenter Package comes in handy, if I want to use the same media, etc. You can even set up your player settings. 

When you need to create a new project off of that Master, just open it and choose "Save As" from PowerPoint's menu. Assign a new project name and then add all of your new content. 

I prefer this over templates, because personally, it saves me a lot of time and if for some reason I mess something up (which is rare.. ok, not that rare!) I can always start back with the original file I created. 

Would love to hear some more suggestions :)