How to display attached PDF in pop-up browser window

Here's the scenario: my course contains several attached PDF documents. For example, let's call it My Document.pdf. Rather than force the user to go through the Attachments tab, I want to provide an icon-based hyperlink on a specific slide in my course that simply opens the attachment.

I understand that I can add a hyperlink to my slide icon that points to the relative path to the resource (e.g., data/downloads/My%20Document.pdf), and I've tested this behavior successfully in my course. However, the vast majority of modern browsers support tabs, and the browser prefers to open my attachment in a tab. As you know, tabs in e-learning create navigational confusion and hurdles that I'd rather avoid.

Instead I'd prefer my attachment to open in a separate pop-up window, one which I can size and position. I think some Javascript may be used to do this, but I'm coming up short and facing a deadline. Can anyone share a tip or point me in the right direction? How can I ensure my attachment opens in a separate floating window? Any other design suggestions? Thanks!

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Greg Edwards

I just checked out the Web Object feature, and I can make it produce the exact kind of output I want to see, even in IE! Yay! The problem now is that I can't seem to figure out how to control when the pop-up appears. I see that you can time it, but I really want the user to be able to click an icon on the slide to open the link. Feels like I'm close. Can anyone help me bring it on home?

Greg Edwards

One step closer. So, I created the Web Object as a separate slide, with the PDF filling the entire slide. Then I created an action on the icon that points to the slide containing the Web Object. It works like a dream; I think I like it even better than the pop-up approach, because it keeps the participant's focus inside the Articulate player.

Here's my only remaining gripe. The PDF appears full page, which is too small to read. Ideally, I'd like the PDF content to automatically zoom to the width of the slide. Anyone know if there's a way to make that happen or if it's even possible? Seems like it might be a PDF setting. BTW, this monologue has been a real help! Thanks to me!