How to get rid of slide numbers in SCORM package scroll bar?

Nov 20, 2015

Hello Everyone:

I've created a presentation using Articulate. Some of the power point slides have titles referring to the start of a new section. The presentation also includes quizzes. When I publish it and upload in moodle, on the left side scroll bar, for the slides that have title, the titles appear on the Menu scroll bar (that is perfect). However, for the slides that don't have title (they just have content and pictures), they appear as slide 2, slide 3,..., slide 71,... which is not required. I've seen presentations created by Articulate and uploaded as Scorm package in moodle that only the slides with titles are shown on the menu scroll bar (left side) and those slides that are part of a section and have no title, don't appear at all on the Menu Scroll bar. How can I get rid of appearance of slide numbers that don't have a title on the menu bar of Scorm package in moodle?

Thank you.


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