How to Navigate an Articulate Based Course (from my blog)

Here are 3 variations for "How to Navigate",  for those users that choose to look at it, how to navigate an Articulate course.  There is lots of discussion about the need for this and I am on the side that I would hope most users can figure this out on their own.  However, I have yet been able to create and launch a course without it in some form or another.  When I do I get complaints from someone that they didn't know what to do to get started.

At the least, when these are insterted as tab activies it is then there for those that need/want to work through "how to navigate" and those that don't need it can by-pass it.  It keeps the whole course less cluttered on the front end as well.

  • Simple 1 slide version (okay for simple and easy navigation points that are need to be pointed out)

Links to orignial files below:

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