How to publish to my iPad?

Mar 25, 2014

Good Morning All, I am using Presenter 13, I have followed your instructions to publish to my iPad. On my iPad I have down loaded your Articulate Application. I open my iPad go to my application, all I get is a blank page, there are no links to click on, nothing, can some one please advise, thank you. 

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Paul Mitchell

Sorry being no computer expert I am still confused, I have followed all the notes etc, I have published my presentation ok, if I "Open The Folder" it takes me to another screen on my C Drive. But when I go to my iPad nothing. Now my question is should my iPad pick this presentation up automatically or do I need to do something on my iPad to get this presentation. I cannot see any code or link that I can copy to my iPad browsers from my presentation, sorry. Please help. I tried to drop my Published presentation into my "Drop box" and "Box" both programs started to download then I get an error message from both programs that this file type is not recognized, still confused. Can some please detail the steps I need to take, thank you.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Paul!

You need to utilize the URL. You can e-mail it so that you can access it and click the link from your iPad if that works best.

The link that Michael shared is a good one for viewing the content. You just need to make sure that you are utilizing the correct link.

Be sure that you are publishing according to this documentation and viewing in it's intended environment, not locally.

The file does not automatically show up in your app, but this explains how the content will display.

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