Hyperlink to url-open in new window

I am having trouble getting the hyperlinks to a webpage to open on the screen, They are appearing in a new browser but instead of opening on the screen, they are just tabs at the bottom of my screen. Do I need to change a setting? These are hyperlinks I added to bottons I made, not imbedded web objects.

They all open full screen in PowerPoint screenshow view, so I don't think my browser is the issue.



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Stephen Bollinger

I think this is  a related issue.

I created a hyperlink in my PPT/Presenter course to open an Engage-created  glossary and go to the definition. The link works and opens up the glossary; however, the tab containing the glossary is opened behind the tab containing the presentation. The normal behavior for the browser is that when opening a new tab, the new tab is on top of the current tab. So is there a setting to open the new content on top of the presentation?

Deborah Munitz

I found this topic when researching a similar problem I have been having only recently and only with Google Chrome. We have a series of lessons that have been published for a long time now. Rather than embedding a video we link to it so that users with extremely slow connections can skip it if need be or let it load in the background. These links always opened small windows on top of the lessons window until about a month ago in Chrome. It took me awhile to figure out what was happening but for some users (not all) using Chrome, when they get to some of these links, it opens a new tab in the main browser rather than launching a new window on top. I am able to recreate this behavior on my version of Google Chrome (mine is up to date: Version 27.0.1453.94 m) on Windows XP. We are having a problem recreating it on other version of Google Chrome. It does not happen all the time and we are just beginning to track the various OS and Google Chrome combinations. It also does not happen with all the links but the way in which the links are embedded now in presenter makes it difficult to see the options selected. I am looking for any more insight as to what might have change in Google Chrome recently (or in what OS combination) that might be causing this distressing behavior. If this issue is being tracked elsewhere please post a link here. If I figure out anything more on it I will post here.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Deborah,

it may have something to do with browser-specific settings, or how the users are opening the links.

For example, if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel and click the link with that button, it will open in a new tab in Chrome. 

This may also be happening because of extensions that are installed in the browser. This can be tested by disabling the installed extensions and visiting a link. Some extensions/settings will force Chrome to open links in new browser tabs. 

Again, it sounds pretty user and browser-specific, but if you find more information about the issue, please share.