I created a series of boxes, each hyperlinked to a specific slide in the presentation. When I run the preview, if I move the cursor to a box...even if Ijust move the mouse around to locate a box, the cursor grabs a box...like it's rolling over it...and just opens automatically to another page. I can't select the box...and I thought I had adjusted each box so that it had to be clicked on. I don't understand what is happening. I want the user to move to the box and be able to click on it.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Michele,

I'm not able to reproduce this - can you share a little more information, please?

You're using Studio '13, correct? I believe I've spoken to you in a couple of other posts, I just want to make sure I know which version you're using at the moment.

Also, what type of shape are you using? Is it just a simple rectangle/square with a hyperlink added for another slide? Or are you using a different type of art or SmartArt, etc.?

Have you tried publishing to see if it works properly?

Thanks, Michele!