I've got a case of the jaggies

Feb 29, 2012

I created a design and have it setup in the Slide Master.  I have the quality set to lossless (and cranked the slider to 4) in the publish settings.  I still get a strange jaggy where the circle meets the line and then my png graphic follows suit...but only on the one side.  Any thoughts?

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Peter Anderson

Hey Doug!

You may find that the outline of a callout (or any other shape) appears jagged or fuzzy when previewed or published with Presenter '09.  This can result from the Flash conversion process, especially with small or thin elements (such as a narrow border around a callout).

You may be able to alleviate this loss of clarity by adding a slight (1%) transparency to the outline and increasing the border width.  Locking the presentation at optimal size may also improve the appearance.

For more information, feel free to check out this forum thread.

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