Identity Theft eLearning Example

Jan 03, 2016

I tried to insert the Quiz slides as you did but I got stuck on the branching part. I know how to customize a slide but how can you select several answers (multiple response) and then create a screen for those multiple choices? Where in Quizmaker do you select a branching question?

Also, how did you get those boxes that the user can select/check off? When I use questions, the boxes are smaller than the boxes Studio 09 used. 

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Kim -- Thanks for reaching out with your questions! 

Please see this info on Choosing Feedback and Branching Options, and let us know if that will work for you. 

And is this the example that you are referring to here? If you would like, I would be happy to reach out to the author, Nicole, to see if she would be able to chime in here to address any additional questions you may have. :)

Kim McCowen

I still don't understand how to create the quizzes as she does in the
Identity Theft example. I now how to make quizzes in slide view and add
animation. images and sound - but how do I create branching when the
correct answer is 3 of the 5 items presented?

Your notes said multiple choice not multiple response. I really like the
way the user selects several items on the first page of the quiz and then
the feedback buzzes for bad or dings for good. I guess I miss the part
where the branching happens. . . .

Kim McCowen

Manager, Instructional Design

[image: Email

Nicole Legault

Hi Kim! I'm not sure what you mean exactly by the "branching" when the correct answer is 3-5 items presented? All I did here in the scenario quiz in the ID theft example is set up 1 feedback layer that has correct/incorrect icons next to each choice to indicate whether it's right or wrong... No other branching required... hope this answers your question, if not let me know.

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