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Paul Foreman

I think we are having a problem with the 64 bit version of Explorer and loading the files to our in-house LMS.  Work developed and loaded with the 64 bit version of IE seem to have a glich when submitting the final quiz results where we get "ghosting" of the questions on the screen as the submitted answers are processed.  I tried the same course load with the 32 bit explorer and it seems to have fixed the issue - I need to experiment more with it. 

Paul Foreman

I have been working with an issue where the final exam in an on-line eLearning module takes a considerable time to “finish” with our LMS (which is an in-house developed product) which is not a big issue.  The other thing has been the questions “ghosting” behind the final screen in the test as the answers are submitted.  Several of the questions flash by in a washed-out view as the test processes. 

Background:  I have been using a new computer that is running at 64 bits but using PowerPoint in 32 bit as Articulate won’t work in the 64 bit version.  I published some of the problem files with Internet Explorer running as a 64 bit application.  I just tried doing a new course I am working on being sure that I only used the 32 bit version of IE and that seems to have solved the ‘ghost’ issue but I’ve only tested it once.  I will try some more tests as I have time over the next couple of weeks to see if the whole 32 verses 64 issue is my problem.  I would appreciate it if anyone has other ideas to let me know or even if this may make sense.  Thanks!

Paul -