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Jul 25, 2012

Hello any nice person out there who can help me

My question is: "If I'm using a quiz(zes) I created from Quizmaker 09', is it possible to give a quiz at the end of the lesson.. and if the user fails this test, give the user another test to take (using different questions), and if the user fails the 2nd test, can I give them a 3rd test using another quiz (using different questions)?"  I want to be able to record the information at my LMS for the quiz that they do pass. 

Also, if I use a Learning Game slide (multiple choice, sequential, etc), on Articulate Presenter, can I pass on the results of this quiz to my LMS? 

- Thanks Mike :)

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Scott Lindsey

Hi, Mike -

I'll try to help!

When you publish a quiz inside Presenter, you can only transmit the results from one quiz to your LMS, regardless of how many quizzes you have inside the presentation. One thing you might consider is building a quiz with a larger question group and randomly selecting a set number of questions. Inside Quizmaker, you can tell the quiz how many questions to generate from  your pool. If the learner fails the quiz, you can customize the quiz results to encourage the learner to retake the quiz. In the properties inside Quizmaker, you can specify what happens if they fail the quiz; you can send them back to a certain slide. When they relaunch the quiz, they would get a different set of randomized questions. Some may be repeats, but others would be new.

Does that make sense? Please let me know if I didn't make it clear enough.



Sarah Tinson


Scott - that's exactly what we do.

We have a pool of questions per course, and randomise them. For example, if a course has 15 questions in the final assessment, we may have 30 questions set up. That way, we're sure to get a reasonably different set of questions if the user has to retake it.

We also shuffle the answers per question - so if someone has written down that (a) is the correct choice for question 1, it may not be the next time!

Mike just one thing - while our LMS records the pass rate, it doesn't record the actual questions the user was presented with. No question-level reporting - and i believe this is quite common. If we need to see which questions the user was presented with and what they got right and wrong, then we prompt them to print the results and email / send to us before they close the browser. If they don't, it's too late and we can't retrieve that information.



Michael Fletcher

Hey Scott and Sarah,

Thanks so very much for your helpful answers!  I had a feeling that making a large question pool and then randomly giving a smaller sample of those questions would be my best way to go about doing this, but my boss wanted me to check out the whole quiz-fail, another quiz-fail, another quiz-fail.. I appreciate all of your help and yes, your answers were very clear!

Thanks again,


Scott Lindsey

I'm glad, Mike - it was late in the day and fatigue had set in for me.

I don't think our LMS records the questions the learner receives, but I can't swear to that with 100% certainty. We can do some level of question-level reporting (we can see which questions were answered incorrectly), but it's such a hassle that we rarely bother with it and discourage it when we can. It literally takes days for our IT team to load those particular data tables (millions and millions of records) and for us to get the information into a usable format.

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