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Steve Flowers

There's a trade-off. The WAVs will be much bigger in your source directory for a negligible benefit. WAVs are typically much larger but are typically not compressed. Compressing an MP3 at a high bitrate 128k will always result in a far smaller file but you risk compressing compression artifacts which will affect your final filesize and quality. It probably will be a very small consequence. I typically store as high bitrate MP3s. 

Try a little experiment. Take a long WAV and convert it to a high bitrate MP3. Import each into separate, yet identical copies of a presentation. Export and take a look at the filesize difference and quality difference. 

I predict you won't be able to tell the difference in audio quality (I can't) and the difference in filesize will be less than 1%. I may try this same experiment later today

Justin Wilcox

Hey Dave.

I prefer to import 16 bit 44 khz PCM WAV files as I like to always have a copy of my original audio to work from. You can do some fun stuff like outlined here. When you import a .WAV file it is actually saved as a 192 kbps MP3 file so you don't really need to be concerned about file size either.

Dave Newgass


OK...I just took a stab at the importing the files.  When I published it and uploaded to SCORM Cloud for a checkup, all I hear is a hissing sound.  My audio did not import correctly.  I will re-attempt to publish but are there some common causes to this that I can avoid?