"Inherited" a Player Template

Mar 29, 2011

Recently, I was given an Articulate Presenter file that someone else had created.  I now need to break apart the 119 slide presentation into 10 modules, which I can handle.

That said, the person that created it included an Articulate Engage glossary in the player template (and I don't have that file).  If I need to edit the glossary, how can I do so without the file?  Also, I want to add tabs to the top, but don't want to effect the current template - I just want to add to it.

Is there a way for me to save this "inherited" template as my own, not just for this project but to use in future projects?


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Jessica Rich


Sorry for being unclear.  Let's try it again!

Regarding the template, I mean the presentation player template.  The only thing that was passed on to me was the powerpoint and associated articulate files.  Is there a way for me to save the presentation player template that was used in this presentation so that it's a choice from the list of other templates that I've created?    I'd like to be able to potentially edit it, as well as maybe use it down the line for other projects.  Hope that makes more sense?

I do not have the source files for the Engage interaction.

Thanks for your help!

Brian Batt

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the clarification.

If you receive Presenter ‘09 project files from another developer or another computer, you may find that the player template assigned to the presentation is designated as being (In Project).  If you would like to reuse an (In Project) player template in other presentations, please review the following article:


If the player template is not showing up as "in project", you may be out of luck unless you have access to the other machine.  If you do have access to it, let me know.

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