Inserting a video

I used Camtasia to create a video of screen navigation (~ 12 minutes in length). Due to company restraints, I must "publish" my video as a Windows Media File. The dimensions I used were 1024 x 768.

As I understand the process, Articulate does not support the .wmv format. I used Video Encoder to convert it to a .flv format. However, the maximum dimensions are 720 x 540 and as a result, my video quality is poor and too small.

Any suggestions?

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Marcos Dutra

I understand Storyline accepts MP4 videos with no problems. However, what resolution / bitrate would you consider ideal in terms of minimum file size and best quality, for both wide and 4:3 projects? I usually create intros using After Effects, so I can pretty much render in any specification.

Thanks in advance.

Kathryn Refano


I am new to Storyline. I am trying to insert a recorded webinar video into Storyline so I can upload it into my LMS and have it tracked. I followed the instructions and it is a windows media file, but I keep getting an error to update my Windows Media Player and Flash Player. I just updated everything and it still isnt working. Any ideas?