Inserting quiz questions througout course and not as group

Jan 20, 2012


I am new to Articulate and I am creating a few courses that have the quiz questions interspersed throughout the course.  I created all of the questions in Quizmaker adn they work great.  When I go to insert them in Presenter, it puts them all in as a group.  Is there a way to insert one question at a time into the course?  I would rather the learner read a few slides then have a quiz question instead of having to wait until the end of the course to answer all the questions.

I am sure there is a way to do this, I am just not sure where or how to set it up.


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Peter Anderson

Hi Karyn,

That's not really something you can do by inserting a single quiz into a presentation. Multiple quizzes, yes, but that's not always ideal. Have a look at this older thread which covers some good ideas to build a course with single quiz questions spaced thoughout:

I hope that's helpful!

Heather Thomas

Hi Peter,

I read the forum that you linked to. Are you saying that there is no way to disperse graded quiz questions throughout a training without placing my content into Quiz Maker?


I have placed 5 graded quizzes in my eLearning after each module of information. There are 15 questions total. We'd like a passing score to allow the user to miss up to two questions. Are you saying that there is no way for me to make this overall grading happen?

This seems like basic functionality. If this is not possible, do you know if Articulate is considering allowing this in future releases of the software?

Sarah Tinson

Hi Karyn and Heather,

We use this all the time and it works well  - our courses are broken into multiple topics, and after each topic we insert an ungraded quiz with 1-3 questions on it (set all scores to 0, and remove the pass / fail slide option), and we call these Knowledge Checks.

Occasionally we'll insert a blank slide at the start or end of the quiz, either to introduce the quiz or to summarise and then lead into the next slides in presenter.

We set the ungraded Knowledge Checks to 'submit one' and then generally provide feedback after each submitted answer.

Our training is around insurance, pretty detailed so there are lots of questions we can ask so we're not just duplicating questions in the knowledgecheck and in the final graded assessment.

Works for us!


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