Inserting slide BMPs to Powerpoint


When I insert certain 4:3 BMP slide files into Powerpoint with Presenter installed (just grabbing the files and "dropping" it over the slide), sometimes the image automatically resizes to just fit the slide, sometimes the image is oversized and needs to be readjusted.

eg: this slide inserts in completely within the slide size, even though it's resolution is rather large:

..but this one with a smaller resolution inserts larger than the slide size:

Basically this is a problem if I have lots of slide BMPs to import, iif it's just one or two this is fine.  Any ideas?

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Phil Mayor

This is really dependent upon the resolution rather than the ratio.  If you are using 800x600 slides and insert an 800x6600 image it should fill the slide.  It may be better to do insert picture because this is this way the image retains its size.

Another way you could do it is to create a content layout with an image placeholder that is set at you slide dimensions and then drop your image into that placeholder.

The final way you could do it is to format background and then insert the image as a background, that will ensure the image is fullsize on the background

That said this is a powerpoint issue and not Studio, you may get a more informed answer by asking a question on their forum.

This may help you batch import your images