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Eric Miller

Perhaps I misused the term crash.  The app was still running, but the library had cleared it self.  I did force quit the app and re-open it.  It was still empty.  It just disappeared when I hit the Library button to return back.  Latest version of iOS 7 FYI.

Any plans for an update on the App?  It doesn't fair very well in the reviews it is getting in the App store.

Sylvia Wright

I'd really like to see Articulate at least clarify what's happening, what's being done with the app.  It doesn't look good at my organization when they go to consider the program to come back to me saying. "It looks like they've abandoned the app and they are not responding to queries and comments....for a year and longer."

Sylvia Wright

Hi Leslie,

I received this in an email from one of our organization's tech guys "- I did do a little research on the app and it seems that Articulate has semi abandoned it. Neither the app for apple or android has been updated in over a year and both apps have poor reviews and no communication from the company with the people complaining. Some of the complaints include the app simply running extremely slow and so it could be an issue with the app and not my internet speed at all. It may be good to check with there support staff and see if there is something in the works."

Since almost all of our users will be accessing via mobile devices, I am concerned. However, since I am new in the field and still a newbie at SL2, I am still working on understanding the whole mobile aspect of SL2 and what actually goes on. I have a Nook HD and the app just won't work....granted, the Nook is not the best android device for this kind of work, but I also know there are numerous off brands of androids "out there" especially in third world countries where a lot of our users reside so I'd like to find a way to confidently say SL2 will work for them.

I am wondering, if I were to create a simple Intro slide/splash screen in SL2 with only a brief intro video and "go to" link would that force the program to load and thus fix the loading issue. Right now my intro page has a number of links going to a couple of different scenes plus a short video clip.

I'll check with the team about sharing the course before we have it "out there" :).

Thanks for your help, always!!!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sylvia, 

I also wanted to weigh in regards to the updates to the AMP and the reviews. I know our team hasn't responded directly to the reviews in the app store, as we tend to share the information directly in our Support pages as that's where we've assumed the majority of people did go for assistance. You'll see the latest note in regards to the issues a number of people mentioned in the reviews regarding iOS9 was listed as a part of 3.25, when if you access the link embedded below it was truly a fix to the way Storyline and Studio handled content based on the changes made to iOS 9 - so the app itself didn't get update, but our software did. 

What's New in Version 3.25

Apple made some changes to the way apps launch in iOS 9. As a result, your Articulate content may not launch in the Articulate Mobile Player as you'd expect. If you encounter an issue, please direct the course developer to this support article: https://www.articulate.com/support/storyline/articulate-updater-release-notes-and-instructions

* Significant performance improvements
* Important bug fixes