Is there any type of event triggered when the scrub bar is moved?

May 28, 2013

Hello all,

This may seem  like a bit of an odd question, but here is the situation.

Alot of the flash slides I develop are done with the help of Greensock.  So in a nutshell - code.

As a simple example, I have a function named  tween left, I can then drop my MCs on the timeline and at any point I can just call tweenLeft(mc) and it will tween my object left.  (again, just a very simple example)

The issue is b/c the tween is done w/ code - if you move the scrub bar - the code does not get executed and therefor no tween.  If I have audio on the slide, you end up w/ a situation where audio is out of sync w/ the animations.

My thought is if an event is fired when the scrub bar is moved(or released), I can listen for that event and then figure out where in the slide I am,  and what code should be fired off before things start playing.  

I have an idea in my head how it will work - just curious if anyone can help me out with detecting the scrub bar part.



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