Is this suspend_data corrupt?

We have a course that gets stuck on a quiz slide for some users. They are unable to select and answer to the question and the question is therefore marked as incorrect and the user cannot progress to the next question. Our suspicion is that the suspend_data for this user has become corrupted. Can someone tell if this is the case? The suspend_data is below.


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Hi Leslie

Thanks for getting back to me.

I'm sorry, I thought I had attached the cmi.suspend_data to my previous post. I have attached it to this one.

What is happening is that some learners are accessing a quiz within a course and they are NOT able to make a selection on the first question (i.e. unresponsive radio buttons). They are also not able navigate away from the questions as they are required to select and submit an answer before progressing. When this occurs, these learners are exiting the course.

Upon re-entry, the course is returning them to the question and indicating that they have submitted an incorrect answer. If the learner is removed and re-enrolled in the course, the issue resolves itself, however, the learner is then required to visit every slide within the course again, in order to return to the quiz where they left off.

This is occurring sporadically in various courses with random learners, but is always in relation to a quiz. I have tried to determine what may be causing this by looking both at the SCORM API logs for an affected learner in an affected course and also via the developer console in Google Chrome. However, apart from a handful of SCORM calls like status and success, everything for the course appears to be held in the suspend_data, which is obfuscated in a long, unreadable string. Which is why I was wondering if there was anyone who could decipher the suspend_data string and let me know if it has been corrupted, causing the course to malfunction as described.


Kevin Neumann

I was wondering if you have found a solution to this. I am trying to work through this same exact issue through a support ticket and not getting anywhere. At least now I know I am not alone with this issue.

I have been able to semi-recreate this. I say that I "semi-recreate"-ed it because I don't know the steps leading up to but it definitely seems like a bug in the suspend_data. Obviously the suspend_data is not user readable but I am hoping that there is a way on your end to debug it. For this recreation, I took the suspend_data from the user experiencing the problem and set the suspend_data to the same data in the following invitation:

The possibly corrupted suspend_data is:


As soon as I set my suspend_data to that, I launched the course, pick "Yes" to resume and was taken to the first question of the quiz where it is locked up. I know that manually setting the suspend_data is not a supported function, but it seems to show that the issue is bad suspend_data.