Issue with SCORMs

May 26, 2020


I am having more and more people come back to me with a particular problem and need to know if anybody has run into this before and what the potential fix is.


We author our SCORM's using Articulate Studio 13 and host them using Moodle 3.8.  When a user returns to a module, a box will pop up asking them if they want to resume where they left off.  Some people can't get past their screen by clicking 'yes' or 'no'.  I have to go in and reset their attempt in as an admin.


Another issue they have is at times, when they go back into a module, they just get the spinning wheel like the course material is loading.  Same as above, I have to go in and reset the attempt.  I also ask them to clear their browser cache which at times seems like it fixes the issue.


Any thoughts on where to go with this?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Dave!

It sounds like your users are running into issues when they exit a course and return. From the screenshot, it looks like you're using Microsoft Edge. Are your learners using Microsoft Edge too? Are you seeing the same behavior if you take the course in Chrome or Firefox?

I'd like to have our Support Engineers take a look at one of your files if that works for you! You can use this private link to connect with our Support Engineers and share a file where the learners can't resume the course. After receiving the file, we can begin investigating what the cause is and offer a fix!

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