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Jan 20, 2016


I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post these questions, but cannot find anywhere else to ask questions concerning support for Articulate Studio. I need to know what direction the company is going in regard to flash. We experience nothing but problems with flash and using Articulate presenter. If something goes wrong with Flash, Articulate Presenter will not open or work at all. Knowing that Adobe is abandoning Flash and all support for the product, what is Articulate going to do about your software which relies heavily on its use?

I really need answers quickly as this makes an impact on our choices for elearning development software solutions. With the Federal Cyber units seriously considering blocking all use of Flash, I am faced with finding an alternative. Can someone please advise as soon as possible.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi June,

Thanks for reaching out here and it's totally the appropriate place to ask! We've heard a lot of rumblings about the Flash issues and folks abandoning going forward. I wanted to link to this earlier thread where a number of users shared their ideas and thoughts, but you'll also see the official response from Brian Gil who is our Product Development Manager. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi June,

Sorry if I wasn't clear - you do have to have Flash installed to work within Storyline or Studio - as for the future of that type of set up and any changes to how we may change the Articulate platforms to work without Flash, that's not information I currently have or would be able to share. I linked to that thread, as Brian's response there is the most recent/official statement in terms of what our team is evaluating and looking at each day. 

Once we do have information to share we'll be certain to update folks in appropriate threads and other avenues. Sorry that I can't share any more at this time but please know that your voice in threads such as this, feature requests and the like are heard and valued. We are in regular contact with our product team and QA/Dev based on user feedback here - so definitely keep it coming! 

June Dunlap

Thanks Ashley,
I understand. Hopefully, something will come out soon as we are being forced to make other choices due to the nature of our current environment. It would be a shame to have to abandon the tool that we already know very well, to have to pick up another and learn it all over again.



Donald Gulledge

I'm seeing Flashplayer conflicts preventing content I've created with Articulate Presenter from being able to show attachments. Specifically calling out "Adobe Flash Player stopped for potentially unsafe operation" with the "stealthray.swf" file of articulate. Your comment in another response stated to make sure I selected HTML5 option on Presenter. I'm using Articulate 09 and I see no HTML5 options during publish. What am I missing?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Donald,

Presenter 09 does not have HTML5 support - but are you testing the content locally? You'll want to look at uploading to your intended publish location and testing it there. You can see more information about the security restrictions and issues with testing content locally here. 

If you'd like to proceed with testing your content offline, you'll want to publish your presentation to CD and open via the Launch_Presentation.exe. If you are planning on distributing your content online, you should upload the content to your web server or LMS, and test it there.

You can also read more about that file in this earlier thread here. 

James Hinkle

Ashley, my clients would like to move completely away from Flash. I am currently converting their courses from Studio, Quizmaker and Engage to Storyline so hopefully we do not have to deal with flash in the future. The problem is that Storyline is dependant on Flash. Since Adobe has announced that they will be abanding flash over the next 2 years, does Articulate have plans to move away from a flash based program (Studio and Storyline), will that upgrade happen before flash is is no longer supported and will the upgrade be provided without the need to pay $700-$800 for an upgrade?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi James! We do not provide information as it is related to releases and/or updates.

Perhaps this will assist you a bit:

Currently, Articulate Storyline doesn't support HTML5-only output. Flash output will always be included. Your learners will automatically see the best version for their device and browser. However, you can bypass the Flash output and force the HTML5 output to launch by default. See this article for details.

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