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I am facing an issue with links while publishing a course in articulate. I am having a total of six links in the course that I am developing. Two are given as attachments, while the remaining four are given as hyperlinks in the PPT. Please note that all these files are uploaded in an external server, and they are not available in my local machine. Also note that these links work in the system that I use for publishing the course, however, when I test the course from other machines, they do not. It would be greatly appreciated if you could let me know how to fix this issue.

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Phil Mayor

Have you uploaded the course, or are you testing using a local version?

If you are using a local veersion hyperlinks to other domains will not work because of flash security.

hyperlinks can get broken by ppt, the forward slashes are swapped for back slashes, you can write a macro to swap them back, its not really a problem when you test locally because windows treats backslashes and forward slashes the same, but a server doesnt

Vineetha Charles Decosta

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your reply. Please note that I have not yet uploaded the course. I am testing it locally.

I understand from your post, that once I upload the course, the links should work, right?

Can you also let me know how to write a macro to swap the slashes, and also the code that will be required.

Phil Mayor

When you upload the course the links should work, I have pasted the code below for a macro, you need to enable the developer tab in ppt and the create a new macro and paste the code at this link

Hope this helps