Launcher.html file not being generated

I have a newly created course and when I went to publish it to the web, I could not view it from my browser, when prompted at the end of the publishing process -- there was no error message either.  I went to the folder where the course was generated and there was a player.html file but no launcher.html file.  My last course was generated from the launcher file, so I assume that this could be the problem.  When I double-click the player.html file to launch the course, nothing happens.

What could be the issue?

Note that my previous course still launches just fine from launcher.html, so it does not seem to be a browser setting.

Help!  I have a 5:00 deadline.

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Brian Batt

Hi Deb,

It looks like Vira was able to help you resolve the issue by using the method below:

First, verify that this presentation's "Player Template" has the option to launch browser in new window enabled. Here's how:

1. Go to Articulate -> Player Templates-> Other 

2. Check the "Launch presentation in new window (creates launch page)" option.

3. Click File > Save or Save As to save changes.

4. Republish your presentation using the new player template you just customized.


If you need additional assistance, reply directly to the support case email.