Sep 30, 2013

We have about 50% of our students lessons are reporting incomplete – even though they have completed or passed the lesson. 

We have Articulate version 6.3 Pro.

We publish courses to Scorm 1.2 and AICC.  LMS reporting is Passed / Incomplete.  Our LMS is compatible with this setting.

The courses are published with the “exit” button available on the Articulate templates.

If the course has a quiz we use the “FINISH” button from the Quiz Maker templates.

Most of our users use IE 9 or 10. We have tested in Chrome and experience the same issue.

After completing lesson is marking incomplete – we have verified this by running reports as well as logging back into the lms with the users credentials ad resuming where they left off. 

In these scenarios we see the user has completed the course either by viewing all slides or passing quiz.  However after exiting course they still receive an incomplete status.

This is not a universal problem however it comprises about 50% of our support issues.

Are there any browser configurations or computer settings contributing to this issue?  

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michelle, 

It sounds like this is happening across multiple courses? Have you reviewed this article on common troubleshooting steps with Articulate and an LMS?  

There are some known tracking issues with IE9, but since you were able to replicate it in a few other browsers, I would suggest testing it within SCORM Cloud (which is an industry standard testing method) to see if it's something happening within your files or the LMS you're hosting your courses in. If the issue is not replicated within SCORM Cloud, you'll want to touch base with your LMS team about what's happening, and you may want to post here about which LMS you're using as the community may have some ideas. If you're able to replicate the tracking issue within SCORM Cloud, please package your Presenter files and share them with us here. 

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